Chapter Board Meeting Minutes 22 February 2021

February 22, 2021 5:26pm  – 6:04pm

  1. Chef Nick – membership – we need to get the list from John Bell of the members who have not rejoined this year.  We need to send them an email to remind them about their membership.
  2. The Villages students do not have to pay for their membership.
  3. The March meeting will be help on March 22nd at Lake Minneola High School
  4. Chef Bell has a list of members that would like to do a demo at the future meetings.
  5. Chef Nick said Schreiber Foods would like to do a demo
  6. We need to increase our members at the meetings so the vendors/sponsors will be more willing to come out to do a demo
  7. Chef Nicole has 3 scholarships for the participants at the Burger Bash at Gator Harley
  8. Will the winners of the scholarships be able to transfer their scholarships to another school?
  9. Congratulations Chef Nick of passing your test for the CEC
  10. Chef Joel has a meeting with the SE Region about student scholarships. All chapters will need to contribute.
  11. The chapters should have a student of the month to bring more exposure to each chapter.  The top 2 students will be able to go to the convention/gala and do a cook off.  The student that gets the most votes will win a scholarship.
  12. Chef Joel stated that it will cost $75 a month to maintain the website.  Can we offer ads to our sponsors to help cover the costs of the site?  Lake Tech should have a banner since they give out scholarships
  13. List jobs on our website especially for students
  14. Give our members a discount to advertise on the website
  15. We need a “donate” button on the website to help with the cost of students events
  16. Each board member should host a meeting or event at least once a year
  17. Each member should do a demo at the Leesburg Market.  It’s the 3rd Friday of every month (called off if the weather is bad).  There is no fee for ACF members and they will need to bring samples for 35-50 people.
  18. Please send the names of the students that participated in the Burger Bash at Gator Harley to [email protected].  We want to give them all a certificate for their participation.
  19. Chef Joel asked that we do a Thanksgiving dinner on November 19th at the Leesburg Market
  20. $140 was approved for live streaming equipment
  21. $60 was approved for gift cards for students
  22. Thank you Bryan from Lake County Fire Dept