President’s Letter – April 2020

President’s Letter – April 2020

Blessings Gulf to Lakes members,

This is truly a crazy and difficult time we are in right now.

Many of our members both locally and nationally are going through a very tough time not working.

Idle time can make that even more difficult sitting around.

For me, cooking has always been my escape to the outside world and internal struggles. I’ve been able to utilize our craft to stay busy and be creative.

Before I go on I’d like to share a few things from the national office.

With money being tight you can defer your dues by contacting the national office until things return to normal. If you can still pay those dues support our craft in more ways then most realize.

I will start to post weekly ACF happenings and try to stay in contact as a better tomorrow will eventually come.

Chef Rotz has been diligent in keeping our chapter going for over 20 years along with several other members. It’s extremely important to not just survive but to excel and grow. We can all help but just putting in a little effort including myself.

I have a suggestion that can help us stay in contact, stay focused, be creative and promote not only each member but Chefs in our Organization in a unique world.

This Friday I will be doing my next cooking demo online for my students, my website and for our chapter.

I will be doing an infusion of French and Asian.

I will post video on our website and Facebook to represent our chapter.

Each week I’d like one member to volunteer to do a cooking demo from their home for me to post. It can be anything you are passionate about and a way to promote our craft, chapter and your personal skills.

This is a great way to stay busy, stay creative and continue to promote our craft in a positive way.

I will post the demo Saturday night and would like to post each week a different chef.

Remember cooking is a passion, a love and beautiful gift that we can share with everyone as well as do what we do best always teach.

So for now stay safe, count what blessings we have, and cook to inspire your desire that made us who we are.


Please message me at if you want to demo next week for April 25th debut.


John G Bell CEC CE

President Gulf to Lakes Cooks and Chefs Association

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