President’s Letter – October 2017

President’s Letter – October 2017

Well it’s been a time as my students say. 

I’m grateful for surviving the storm, although so many lost so much. 

In Florida we were blessed but unfortunately the USVI and Puerto Rico along with The BVI lost basically everything. 

It’s times like this of fellowship in the ACF becomes much more then just an organization but a family. 

So many of our fellow chefs throughout the country have stepped up sending food, water and supplies to the islands and it helps us to see the love our organization truly has. 

Now with that said, many Gulf to Lakes members may not realize we have over 30 of our members who live in the Caribbean and need even more help. 

Personally I was part of starting the Virgin Islands ACF chapter while living in St Croix, so my heart goes out to those who are struggling so much. 

I will be presenting at our next monthly meeting on October 16th, a fundraiser to help employees of hospitality in St Croix to help them pay bills as they will be out of work for 6 months to a year along with helping Chef Doos rebuild his culinary building at the public school that has been destroyed. 

I’m excited for regrouping after the unfortunate hurricane disruption and continuing building our chapter. 

Our next meeting will be sponsored by Stokes Seafood and at their retail store on Main Street in Leesburg. 

The meeting starts at 5pm and we will have a unique demo with a wine tasting. 

I look forward to seeing everyone on Monday October 16th at 5 pm.


Chef John Bell

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