President’s Letter- May 2017

President’s Letter- May 2017

Chefs, Colleagues, and Friends, 

(L to R: Chef Gary Klinefelter, Chef Jeffrey Rotz, Chef Anton Döös, and Chef John Bell at Land O’Lakes High School Culinary

After spending the day doing some ACF certifications at Land of Lakes High School Culinary Academy , I have been doing a lot of reflecting. 

Besides doing the required evaluation steps to grade a candidate, just being a part of the process continues to help me grow as a chef and teacher. 

But truly the greatest part for me is fellowship with other Chefs and professionals either willing to challenge their skills or to utilize their experience to move our craft to higher levels.

This weekend I met Chefs from NY, Georgia, Miami, Sarasota and Tampa. 

One of the chefs is a country club executive chef, another a research chef who has a degree in food science, and others were educators, corporate executive chefs and even a couple who are retired. This time spent with them is beyond valuable for knowledge and learning, not to mention the new networks I can use for myself and students. 

For me personally I see the importance of certification, fellowshipping and the The ACF as a whole. As I enter my 3rd year as President of our chapter I continue to see chefs give up these great aspects for themselves and either their employees or students. 

The youth is our future but they need experience along with our guidance. 

Attendance to meetings shows each of us our commitment to both the craft and the future of our industry. 

May 8th we have a meeting at Leesburg High Culinary Academy at 6pm. 

The meeting will be sponsored by Stokes Seafood, a local Lake County company who wishes to reach out to both chefs and future chefs. 

We will be doing a couple of fish demonstrations with some truly special types of seafoods. 

Also, I will go over my plan for the upcoming year for Gulf to Lakes and the importance of membership participation. 

In closing, I do hope all members will come to our last meeting until August and the ACF National Convention in Orlando this July. Even more importantly I can’t explain how crucial this election is for National Officers in the ACF. Voting starts this week. If you wish to find out more information on candidates please email me at Don’t just blind vote – be informed. This year’s vote will decide the future will be for our organization.

For the members we haven’t seen in a while, please come fellowship with old friends and share with the younger chefs. 

I look forward to seeing you on Monday May 8th at 6pm at Leesburg High Culinary Academy. 

Chef John Bell

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