TiPS Alcohol Compliance Training.

TiPS Alcohol Compliance Training.

tipsChef Jeff is now offering online TiPS Alcohol Compliance Training. Register to take the online class by going to About TIPS

TIPS® (Training for Intervention ProcedureS) is a dynamic, skills-based training program designed to prevent intoxication, drunk driving and underage drinking by enhancing the fundamental “people skills” of servers, sellers and consumers of alcohol. TIPS gives individuals the knowledge and confidence they need to recognize potential alcohol-related problems and intervene to prevent alcohol-related tragedies.

TIPS training sessions vary in length from two to five hours.

TIPS sessions are offered through the classroom with a certified TIPS Trainer or through eTIPS®, an online training program. Training conducted by a trainer is implemented through video and printed materials to facilitate discussion of the course content. Course material is presented in three sections: Information, Skills Training and Practice/Rehearsal.

Training conducted through eTIPS is delivered through a computer and served over the web. eTIPS Training is self-paced and can be accessed at any time.

As the final step of a TIPS session, participants complete a multiple-choice exam. Participants who pass the exam receive a certification card, valid for three years in most areas. Exams, grades and other relevant information are maintained online for review.


Wherever alcohol is sold, served or consumed, TIPS® offers concrete benefits for your establishment, staff and community:

Establishment Benefits

  • Minimize property damage caused by intoxicated patrons
  • Protect your bottom line by reducing penalties for alcohol violations.
  • Legal Protection – In third-party liquor liability lawsuits, TIPS provides a “reasonable efforts defense.” Read more about Understanding Liability.
  • Regulatory Compliance – TIPS training satisfies the requirements in most states that regulate server training. View the regulations in your state.
  • Insurance Discounts – Many insurance companies provide discounts to establishments whose employees are TIPS-certified. View TIPS Verified Insurance Agencies.
  • Enhanced Community Standing – TIPS leads the way in framing the debate about responsible alcohol service and clarifying the distinction between drinking and drunkenness.

Staff Benefits

  • Help workers avoid serving alcohol to minors
  • Staff Professionalism – TIPS training enhances the skills of your employees who in turn offer improved service to your customers.

Community Benefits

  • Reduce human tragedy resulting from drunkenness and drunk driving.


Chef Jeff will conducting ServSafe Refresher on December 16, 2016 at One Fat Frog in Orlando.  Contact the “Frog” at 407-480-3409 or you can register at Seating is limited.

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