Message from Chef Jeff Rotz

Message from Chef Jeff Rotz

Jeff smallMy friends,

I want to thank you for supporting me during the ACF National Election.  Unfortunately I fell short and Chef Michael Deihl has been e-elected.  I promise you I will work with Mike to help improve the ACF.  I know Chef Deihl personally and I believe in my heart he will work to improve our great organization.  He has ideas and suggestions how to keep the ACF moving into the 21st Century. Those of you that know me understand my love for the ACF.  I will work hard with the board the keep the ACF moving forward. I do understand we cannot change the world overnight so I want to focus on the few areas:

  1. Increase participation in all aspects of the ACF
    1. Less than 20% of membership voted.  WHY?  ACF has made it so easy to vote.  Online via email; if you did not have email they mailed you a ballot. I attend many if not all of the ACF Regional and National Conferences and I always here people complaining about one thing or another.  The only way you can make changes is by letting your voice heard.  The best way is  by voting and attending the general sessions and voice your views.
  2. Increase Membership
    1. By moving the ACF into the 21st Century and explaining the importance of industry organization is the best way of increasing our membership.  The ACF is one of the best networking tools a cook or chef can use.  I owe the ACF and its members to my successful career. It was because Chef Hal Holanchock, CEC, CCE, AAC who took me under his wings and lead me in the right direction.
  3. ACF Certification
    1. I want to see certification made accessible and affordable to all.   Since 2008 I have been asking the question, “Why is our written certification examination only in English?”  I have been given many answers.  But s of this morning, the only language you can take the test is in English.  I have been told that this will change.  But when is the question.  We have way too many Spanish speaking cooks and chefs throughout our country and the Caribbean.  If we can make certification more accessible it will help increase membership.
    2. We have a new Certification Commission Chair.  I believe he will help make these changes.  I have the utmost respect and confidence in Chef Garbin.

Friends, together we can make the ACF grow.  Please help me.

Best regards,


Jeffrey Rotz, CEC®, CCE®, AAC®

Chefs Helping Chefs, LLC

Regional Sales Manager, New Chef Fashions

Past President, ACF Gulf to Lakes Cooks & Chefs Chapter

Consultant/Trainer for the Hospitality Industry

Authorized Distributor for Birkenstock Shoes


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