Featured Chef of the Month

Featured Chef of the Month

Fred Gayle, CEC

Featured Chef  – Fredrick Gayle, CEC

Executive Chef, Grand Palladium Resort

Born in a small district called Friendship Strawberry in the parish of Westmoreland, Fredrick Gayle attended the Strawberry All Age and was awarded a space at Frome secondary School now Frome Technical High. Chef Gayle started working in the hotel industry at the Half Moon Beach Resort and Spa in 1986 at the age of 18 years as a dishwasher. While in that capacity, Fredrick’s zest for knowledge and love for cooking resulted in him assisting the cooks in peeling potatoes and prepping vegetables before his shift began and after the end of his shift. He was eventually promoted to the position of prep cook and over a span of (4) four years, became a Sous Chef.

Fredrick went on to pursue an Associate Degree in Culinary Arts at Hocking Technical College in the United States of America, where he graduated with honors. Since then, Gayle has worked in various hotels in Jamaica including properties such as The Ritz Carlton Resort & Spa, Coyaba Beach Resort & Spa, Dragon Bay Beach Resort and Seawind Beach Resorts, in addition to international properties such the Ramada Inn Hotel, Hyatt Regency Ohio and Hyatt Regency Crown Center Missouri all in the USA.   Interestingly, after leaving the prestigious Half Moon Beach resort & Spa for about (12) twelve years, Fredrick was rehired as their very first Jamaican Executive Chef in Twenty Five (25) years and presently holds that same title in the largest Spanish owned hotel in Jamaica- Grand Palladium Hotels and Resorts as the first and only Jamaican Executive chef in a Spanish Hotel in Jamaica  .

Gayle has won for himself a myriad of accolades in the Jamaica and international Culinary Arts competition. He represented Jamaica on the 1997 junior culinary Olympic team to Toronto Canada and was featured in many local and international newspapers and has thrilled the palates of famous personalities around the world.

Gayle’s views of the future of the Culinary industry – Today’s Culinary Industry has its pros and cons, because of the fast place environment we are in today. Some of our cooks are losing the basics; they no longer learn to do things from scratch. Today you can just open a bag or a can or just pour things from a bottle, no longer some of our cooks know how to make a basic dressing or to de-bone or fillet fish or chicken, because you can purchase it done already.
Don’t get me wrong. I am not putting down these people who have to buy or use these products, because of the mass production and the tight manning we have to work with, it’s better to purchase these items that are already done. But we still have to teach our young cooks the basic fundamentals of cooking.
However I thing the future of our industry are in some good hands because we have some intelligent young chefs coming up who have the passion, love,  and the drive to take the industry to the next level, who are going to revolutionize the culinary industry.


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