Seasonal Employment – Message from Harbor Beach Resort Association

Seasonal Employment – Message from Harbor Beach Resort Association

Message from Harbor Beach Resort Association

My name is Charlie Van Dyke and I am the immediate past President of the Harbor Beach Resort Association, a 117-year-old private club located on the shores of Lake Huron in Michigan.  We have a Clubhouse that serves all meals during the two month summer season which runs from late June to late August each year.  We are in the process of hiring a new working Head Chef who will begin with the 2014 summer season.  This is a seasonal job and I have attached the position description.

We have a job posted on the ACF website but it was suggested that we contact some of the local chapters in Florida in an effort to identify members who have winter seasonal employment at a private club or better restaurant and who are seeking summer seasonal employment.

At any rate, I would like to talk with you when it would be convenient for you.  I can be reached at 314.422.3005 or by email at .

Thanks for your help!

Charlie Van Dyke

Harbor Beach Resort Association

Clubhouse Head Chef

Position Description – Summer 2014



Title: Clubhouse Head Chef

Reports to: President of the Board

Term: mid-June to late-August each year; approximately 11 weeks

Compensation: Weekly rate TBD

Benefits: Full room and board in cottage on site; no health insurance


The Clubhouse is a critical part of the Harbor Beach Resort. It ties our community together and it is a unique convenience for our members, guests and their families. They have enjoyed taking their daily meals together in the Clubhouse for more than 100 years. (The original Clubhouse burned to the ground in 2005. The current Clubhouse was completed in 2007 and features a fully modern kitchen.)

We want it to be a great dining experience. Yet it doesn’t need to be an expensive five star restaurant. We just want it to be our members’ favorite place to gather for a great meal. The goal is to provide great food and service and to break even.

There are 160 meal seatings per season. The average seating is about 80 people; a busy seating is 200; a slow seating is 30. We serve approximately 13,000 meals per season.

Breakfast and lunch are served every day. Both are served buffet style for the most part, with some a la carte items available (poached eggs, etc.) by special order from the wait staff.  Dress is casual.

Dinner is served every night except Wednesday and Sunday. Occasionally we have dinner outdoor cookouts. Dinners are ordered at lunch from a limited menu, and a large majority of the adult diners show up for dinner at the same time (7:30 p.m.). The dinner is plated and the serving period from 7:30 to 8:15 p.m. is the most stressful of the day.  Dress is coat and tie.

Last year’s meal charge was $373 per week for an adult, which works out to $19.60 per meal.

For staff housing we have a separate, fully furnished manager’s cottage, plus room for up to 13 staff members (11 single rooms and 1 double room). Six of those spaces are taken by our other Resort staff, so seven spaces are available for out-of-town kitchen staff.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities


  • Manage opening of Clubhouse kitchen prior to season opening
  • Oversee full kitchen operations
  • Recruit, hire, train and manage kitchen staff
  • Manage all food and supplies purchasing and maintain targeted cost controls
  • Anticipate and project weekly meal counts; manage purchasing appropriately
  • Be on site and interact with members and guests during all meal times
  • Deliver a great member dining experience; 19 meals per week
  • Manage closing of Clubhouse kitchen for the winter
  • Prepare a season-end inventory
  • Inspect supplies,      equipment, and work areas to ensure conformance to established standards
  • Monitor sanitation      practices to ensure that kitchen staff follows standards and regulations


Experience and Education


  • Extensive production experience required
  • Demonstrated experience and success with recruiting, hiring and training kitchen staff
  • Strong personal skills; for interaction with members and guests
  • Ability to interact      positively with peers, coworkers, members and guests


Direct Reports


  • Assistant Chefs
  • All kitchen staff


Works Closely With


  • Dining Room Manager
  • Resort Business Manager


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