Helping Those Less Fortunate

Helping Those Less Fortunate

MinistryVillageOnce again, the Chefs from the  ACF Gulf to Lakes Chefs & Cooks Association led by Chef Jeffrey Rotz, CEC,  CCE, AAC; and  Eustis High School ROTC Instructor Thomas Young and students from Eustis High School, were out in full force to support the  Christian Care Center (CCC). Yesterday (Saturday, 11-16-2013) students met at the  CCC in Leesburg because they felt it was more important to bring some happiness  to others. These school students volunteered their time to help someone less fortunate. They could have  been doing other things (movies, shopping, dating, etc.). Is this not the true meaning of giving back to  the community? The Chef’s Association and students from Lake County have been  providing services to the Christian Care Center since 2008. Everyone had a  fantastic time.

The Eustis High School students that came out and supported this event were: Cody Collier, Megan Lee, Kelly Knopf, Alma Ramirez, Hannah Taylor, Mackenzie Gordan,  Rutges Mikell, Blake Rosa, Maria Colon, Giovanna Colon, and Hector Rodriguez.

Our next meal is scheduled for December 21st for a  special Holiday menu! We are looking for donations of food (or even money to purchase) for this special meal.  For more information you can contact Chef Jeff at  Please dig deep!

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  1. I have mixed feelings about this to be honset. I find myself very irritated by the way the food network produces its show. How the lens of the camera seems to spend just as much time focused on the chefs face as it does with the food (and on some shows its almost all on their face.)I dont have a problem with Giada’s breasts… I really like them but I’d rather be looking at the food.The worst case example is the BBC’s 6 part series with Heston Blumenthal (Kitchen Chemistry.) They literally had the camera looking right into his eyes and mouth for a good part of those shows.What makes your videos so great is that we don’t see you (don’t that that the wrong way, please.) We see the FOOD being prepared and cooked!

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