Help Wanted

Help Wanted

PR-Logo-HorizPisces Rising is looking to hire two Line Cooks and a Pantry Cook!

If you are interested contact Alex at (352) 385-2669 or email him at Pisces Rising is located at: 239 W 4th Ave, Mt Dora FL 32757

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  1. Best of luck, Chef John! This video entry further proevs your excellence and wit. As you can tell, I really, really want you to have that show on Food Network! Admittedly, there’s something terribly “lacking” about the many of those celebrity Chefs that currently grace the Food Network. I still tune in from time to time but it’s not really that fulfilling or enjoyable. I spend much more time watching your Youtube videos and reading your blog.Together, your skill, knowledge, sarcasm, and humor have made me a bit bolder, competent, and capable in the culinary field. I’ve never been active in the kitchen since my parents always cook at home and while I’m away at college, I don’t have a kitchen of my own and have to rely on my school’s dining services. I cook (practice) whenever and wherever I can, usually summer breaks and holidays. But I’m graduating in December and soon after getting married to a man whose a bit of a klutz in the kitchen! It’s on me to feed us both but thanks to you my future husband and I won’t starve. Thank you, Chef John! You truly are the best! I hope to see you soon, preferably on a screen larger than my laptop display. P.S. Those Boston Baked Beans are killer! Phenomenal! Made them last night… what a hit! I’m going to make them for my in-laws, who are notorious for religiously popping open the “pork and beans” cans. Gonna show them what real baked beans are about. ;)Best regards!

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