June 2013 President’s Message

June 2013 President’s Message

John Bell“Always remember: If you’re alone in the kitchen and you drop the lamb, you can always just pick it up. Who’s going to know?” -Julia Child

Although my training was classical with studying Escoffier and apprenticing under a Master Chef; Julia Child was one person who amused me and inspired my cooking.

Each chef or cook can look back at people who influenced their food, for me it was three main people. When I was 17 I met Paul Prudhomme, he gave me advice and inspiration I never forgot. This past summer at the National ACF Convention I saw Chef Prudhomme once again and was able to sit and thank him.

Another person who influenced my cooking was my dad, he loved to cook and with ten children every night it was like working in a restaurant.

Third, but not least, was meeting Julia Child at one of the first Aspen Food and Wine festivals. Julia could make you laugh and more importantly remind us why we cook with such love. She told me when she visited the restaurant that I was chef at that I should never forget: food is fun and walk-ins are for yelling.

So who was/is your inspiration? How often do we forget food is fun and after the smoke clears the high of the accomplishment is greater than any failure.  While we enter the summer months contemplate where each of us has come from, who gave us our desire to succeed, and remember after it is said and done: Who will you inspire and leave the same love of food as someone gave you?

The ACF although may not always excite you, or the meetings can be a little inconvenient, but we are a fellowship of people who love food and truly find it fun. Our connections, memories, and accomplishments mean nothing if there is anyone to share them with.

Get involved, share your love and experiences and maybe even learn to love food even more.

John Bell, CEC , ACE

President, ACF Gulf to Lakes Chefs & Cooks Association




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